EHarmony Review: We Tested eHarmony to See How Well it Works

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You’ve probably heard of eHarmony at some point. It’s one of those popular dating sites and has been around for ages.

On their homepage eHarmony claims to have the most advanced match-making system, and be the best site for finding love. This approach definitely makes them stand out from more casual dating apps like Tinder or Bumble.

But does it live up to the hype? Read on to see the results of my experience in this eharmony review.

eHarmony First Look:

  • Large member base
  • Nearly 50-50 gender split
  • Profiles are pretty detailed
  • Personality-compatibility matching system
  • Multiple marriage & success stories
  • Very few bots & fake profiles
  • Virtual video dates feature
  • Subscription plans are expensive
  • Search options are limited

We found eharmony to be one of the most effective sites for finding long term and serious relationships. Especially for those above age 30, the site has the largest number of members looking for love and who aren’t looking to play games. The main downside of eHarmony is the cost of a premium membership, which ranges from $40 to $20 a month depending on how many months you commit to.

Review of the Sign-Up Process at eHarmony

While registration is thorough at eHarmony, it seems to be for good reason – potential dates need to know you before wanting an in-person date.

What makes eHarmony stand out from the pack is their extensive personality test, which you should complete honestly. It’ll determine the matches you get – so don’t tell any lies!

Originally, it was a set of 300 questions, which has since been revised to about 70 . I mean, that’s still a lot of questions, but condensing an entire person down to 70 questions is no easy feat.

The compatibility quiz aims to assess the key areas of your life. You’ll need to answer a given question before proceeding on to the next, which only ensures you stay organized throughout the whole thing.

Once you’re done registering, you can let the world see your best headshot on your profile. Then you’re free to roam your matches, flexing your digital dating prowess.

Who Are the Members on eHarmony Dating Site?

eHarmony boasts 29 million members from the US alone, and 16 million of this crew is active every week. That’s a pretty gigantic figure to not want to be a part of. Overall, the current membership sits at 29 million globally, comprising over 22 nations.

Note, members mostly sit in the 25 to 34 (and 35 to 44) age range. What does that mean? It means most members are in the age bracket of settling down with a marriage-minded partner. And they’re likely ready for marriage.

The vast majority of the people here are also educated with stable lifestyles. You’re unlikely to bump into a gold digger, which gives eHarmony an edge over several online dating sites.

The gender split is near proportional, with the male members exceeding their female counterparts by only 6%. It seems that there’s someone for everyone on this site, so you don’t have to fight over a match.

Member Profiles at eHarmony: What Do They Show?

Remember the detailed personality quiz you completed during sign-up? That information is reflected on your profile, and potential dates can see it. By the way, it’s only your matches that can access your profile, and vice versa.

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