Intel Rocket River (14nm) Review: Key i9-11900K, Core i7-11700K, and you will Center i5-11600K


Now is the certified launch of Intel’s eleven th Generation Key chip family relations, given the internal label ‘Skyrocket Lake’. Rocket River exhibits the new show progress for Intel throughout the desktop area, that have an intense clock-for-time clock overall performance uplift in some trick workloads.

Intel Skyrocket Lake (14nm) Review: Key i9-11900K, Key i7-11700K, and Center i5-11600K

To help you make this happen, Intel have retrofitted its 10nm Cpu and you will GPU activities back to 14nm, just like the just 14nm can achieve this new volume expected. Reciprocally, brand new processors to obtain this results manage sexy, be more expensive having Intel to manufacture, provides a few a lot fewer cores at the luxury, but people also get PCIe 4.0 to the Intel’s mainstream pc program for the first time.

In our opinion now, we will be going over Intel’s the tools, as to why they is obtainable, as well as how they works, attending to specifically on Intel’s the brand new leading, the latest Center i9-11900K, which includes 7 cores and can increase to help you 5.step 3 Gigahertz

Intel’s Rocket River: Key i9, Center i7, and you may Center i5

The new Intel 11 th Gen Core pc processor chip friends will start with Core i5, having half a dozen cores and you will twelve posts, on Key i7 and you may Key i9, each other that have eight cores and you may sixteen posts. All of the processors commonly service DDR4-3200 natively, and provide 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes when you look at the supported motherboards – these lanes tend to permit graphics and you can stores lead in the chip, normally in an enthusiastic x16/x4 otherwise x8/x8/x4 consolidation.

Both Key i9 and you may Key i7 this time have an equivalent core number – often the Center i9 would provide a glaring differences, for example way more cores, however for this age bracket the real difference is more delicate: Center i9 will provide higher wavelengths and you may Thermal Velocity Raise (TVB). The fresh new Core i9-K and i9-KF might element Intel’s new Transformative Increase Tech (ABT). We’re going to talk about Intel’s Turbo nomenclature later in the article.

Near the top of the latest stack is the Key i9-11900K. Intel has actually set the new a lot of-equipment pricing of your Center i9-11900K during the $539. Keep in mind that Intel performs this 1k tool pricing for OEMs, as well as the last retail price is normally $10-$25 large, in possible of your Core i9-11900K, profiles are presently deciding on a beneficial $615 cost on Newegg. That is well more than AMD’s Ryzen eight 5800X at $449 September (MSRP), and this is an enthusiastic 8-center selfiebbw processor chip, and you may beyond even the Ryzen 9 5900X at $5ing efficiency, which processor chip has the benefit of 2nd-age bracket integrated picture, support for new AI tips, and you may enhanced news assistance to the rates differential.

New Center i9-11900K is the stress chip out of the current comment, and has now a base volume regarding step 3.5 Ghz, next to a maximum turbo of 5.step 3 Ghz in the Thermal Velocity Boost means, 5.dos Gigahertz if you don’t with the preferred center, otherwise 5.step 1 Ghz into non-recommended cores. This new most of the-core volume try cuatro.8 Gigahertz when you look at the TVB turbo function, or Gigahertz or even, otherwise it does ‘float’ the newest turbo as much as 5.step 1 Ghz whenever ABT are let, however ABT try disabled by default.

Really the only processor chip not receiving TVB about Core i9 household members is the i9-11900T, the thirty-five W member of the family. That it processor chip possess thirty five W to the package because the the foot volume was 1.5 Gigahertz, though it commonly turbo to cuatro.nine Gigahertz single center and you may step Ghz all the-center. Such T processors normally belong to OEM options and you may mini-Personal computers that are very likely to strictly pursue Intel’s turbo information.

All of the Center i9 processors commonly assistance DDR4-3200, additionally the specs will be to permit a-1:step 1 regularity form into thoughts operator at this price.

This new Center i7 nearest and dearest is sold with brand new Core i7-11700K, and that i’ve currently analyzed with these retail take to, and you can checked on most recent microcode at this point. Which processor chip has the benefit of seven cores, sixteen posts, that have a single key turbo of five.0 Gigahertz towards preferred core, 4.9 Gigahertz if you don’t, and you will 4.6 Ghz the-center turbo. The newest rated TDP was 125 W, while we watched 160 W throughout the a normal stream, 225 W peaks having a keen AVX2 rendering stream, and you will 292 W level power having an AVX-512 compute stream.

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