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When your person (brand new “Recipient”) off a notification out-of Claimed Infringement (“Notice”) feels that See is incorrect otherwise not the case, and/or that allegedly infringing procedure could have been incorrectly eliminated in response to help you a notice because intricate more than, the Recipient try permitted to submit a counter-notice pursuant so you’re able to Good?512(g)(2) and you may (3) of your DMCA. A table-notice is the proper method for the fresh new Individual in order to disagreement the fresh new elimination or disabling away from material (the latest “Material”) pursuant so you can an alerts. All the info one to a recipient provides within the a counter-notice must be direct and you may truthful, together with Receiver was responsible for any misrepresentations which could trigger people states feel lead wing review against us regarding the Stuff.

c) An announcement highlighting this new Recipient’s faith that the elimination otherwise disabling of the Thing is done this mistakenly. To possess convenience, the next format can be used:


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