Some of these scammer/sales/bargain people will throw in an IRS or jack-booted police SWAT scare tactics


Dre singer rap writer Dr

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They’ll tell you that if you don’t buy right now, you’ll face fines or jail time. DON’T LEAVE any valuables lying around, or antiques as they may just “CUT AND RUN” WITH YOUR POSSESSIONS. Sign me up quick (After I make a secret call to the police!) Won’t you have a cup of tea or coffee? My bowels must be out of sorts, I have to go to the rest room again. STALL AROUND FOR THE POLICE! They will appear in 20 or 30 or 40 minutes.

Maybe the best strategem of all. don’t even answer the door. If they are the REAL DEAL, they will find a less direct approach than dangerous door-to-door canvassing.

If you make an excuse that YOU HAVE TO USE THE REST ROOM, go to make a call to police on your cellular phone while in the other room, THE FRAUD SALESMAN may duck out the front door

Jennifer Lopez – singer and actress friend Casper Ghost Smart $52.0 M 2 Oprah Winfrey Empire tycoon and movie actress $165.0 M 3 Justin Bieber singer, stunts for publicity since media will write anything on Bieber to get Bacack scandals off the news. Latest about Bieber’s lost monkey, for instance. $55.0 M 4 Rihanna singer $53.0 M 5 Lady Gaga singer and flaming piano player $52.0 M 6 Britney Spears singer and hair choper $58.0 M 7 Kim Kardashian mother of North TV personality $18.0 M 8 Katy Perry singer $45.0 M 9 Tom Cruise movie actor and Oprah Show seat jumper $75.0 M 10 Steven Spielberg Movie Magnate $130.0 M

Taylor Swift singer song writer $57.0 M 12 Tiger Woods golf champion Tiger Woods $58.0 M 13 Angelina Jolie movie actress and mother Angelina Jolie $20.0 M 14 Donald Trump real estate developer, TV star, Democrat interference runner got fake birth certificate obfuscated/OKed Donald Trump $63.0 M 15 LeBron James NBA Basketball champ LeBron James $53.0 M 16 Beyonce Knowles singer AKA Bouncy Beyonce Knowles $40.0 M 17 Elton John singer song writer actor (Pinball Wizard) Elton John $80.0 M 18 Simon Cowell TV Show producer/talent judge Simon Cowell $90.0 M 19 Rush Limbaugh talk show host/TV Star/Two If By Tea Entrepreneur Rush Limbaugh $69.0 M 20 Tyler Perry TV personality Tyler Perry $105.0 M

Paul McCartney singer songwriter former Beatle $57.0 M 22 Jennifer Aniston actress Jennifer Aniston $11.0 M 23 Glenn Beck radio/TV talk show host Glenn Beck $80.0 M 24 Adele singer Adele $35.0 M 25 Bon Jovi singer song writer Bon Jovi $60.0 M 26 Dr. Dre $110.0 M 27 Kobe Bryant NBA basketball living legend Kobe Bryant $50.0 M 28 Brad Pitt Brad Pitt movie star $25.0 M 29 Ryan Seacrest TV star Ryan Seacrest $59.0 M 30 Howard Stern radio talk host Howard Stern $95.0 M

Roger Federer $52.0 M 32 David Beckham David Beckham soccer star $46.0 M 33 Manny Pacquiao Manny Pacquiao boxing champ $67.0 M 34 Ellen DeGeneres TV personality Ellen DeGeneres $53.0 M 35 Michael Bay Michael Bay $160.0 M 36 George Lucas Movie producer George Lucas $90.0 M 37 James Patterson James Patterson $94.0 M 38 Jay-Z Jay-Z singer $38.0 M 39 Jerry Bruckheimer Jerry Bruckheimer $115.0 M 40 Peyton Manning Peyton Manning $42.0 M 40 1/2 Robert Downey,Jr with $75.0 M between 2012 and 2013 from movies.

41 David Letterman TV personality $45.0 M 42 Sean Sean “Diddy” Combs singer $45.0 M 43 Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart $34.5 M 44 Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo $42.0 M 45 Kanye West Kanye West singer $35.0 M 46 Leonardo Dicaprio movie actor Leonardo Dicaprio $37.0 M 47 Rafael Nadal Rafael Nadal $33.0 M 48 Phil Mickelson Phil Mickelson $48.0 M 49 Toby Keith country music singer/song writer Toby Keith $55.0 M 50 Lionel Messi Elected official of Egypt? Lionel Messi Room $39.0 M

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