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0.CO;2-J.” href=”/articles/-2350-8-18#ref-CRsix” >six, 21], POF issues should be thought about as multifactorial disease as well as in view of, taking a look at the phenotypical and you may genetic features of the brand new times you’ll lead towards dropping of the latest white to the higher difficulty off POF.

To close out, all of our situation declaration represents a distinctive observation with the coexistence inside one to class of different facets working in a few some other ovarian incapacity criteria, one-FMR1 related and something perhaps not-FMR1 associated. Concurrently, it could be noticed an essential caution with the hereditary therapy of familial POF. Specifically, we believe your relationship regarding POF with longer FMR1 alleles should be verified from the generations allowing the fresh systematic therapy away from familial POF and finally the brand new utilization of techniques to improve conception.


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